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20 New Fragrances to Get Cozy With This Winter & Beyond

Some say you’re never fully dressed without a smile. That may be true, but we’re definitely replacing the “smile” with “scent.” Let’s keep it all the way real: The search for a signature smell never ends, and why would we want it to? Looking for one never gets old or stale. Plus, shouldn’t we have one for every mood and occasion anyway? (Oh, just us? OK.) Per usual, there’s a hodgepodge of new scents ready for the taking.

There are affordable yet innovative options from Victoria’s Secret and Mugler in addition to prettily-packaged and more luxe options from designer brands like Tom Ford and Aerin. And because we enjoy variety, there’s no one type of scent in this short list. From light florals to heavier musks, here are the latest and greatest fragrances you’ll want to cover yourself in this winter.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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