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12 Ways to Accent Your Classic French Manicure With Metallics

Samantha Feher

With autumn comes a lot of changes. First of all, pumpkin spice lattes finally make their return to your local Starbucks, and second, it’s officially sweater weather. (Blessed.) But this season, we’re even more interested in the fact that the leaves aren’t the only thing changing color.

During the spring 2019 edition of Fashion Month, we bookmarked the latest, must-try beauty trends, and this season’s unexpected fave is the metallic French manicure.

Hear us out: This isn’t your average French. Instead of a neutral base and white tip, models, designers and trendsetters everywhere have been showcasing a unique combo of mattes and metallics we just cannot get over. The best part? You can mix up the color combos — the limit truly does not exist. So if silver isn’t your metal, don’t freak. Gold looks equally glam on your fingertips, especially when paired with baby blue and a deep wine. (Not the drink.)

If you’re skeptical of this seemingly outdated trend (“Metallic nail polish? That’s so 1999.”), open your mind to the possibilities. It’s 2018, and we are not afraid of stepping outside our comfort zones. Scroll down to see some of our fave metallic French manicures — and give it a shot at home or at your fave salon. We promise you won’t regret it.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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