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20 Times Celebrities Have Rocked Neon-Colored Hair

In case you missed it, neon-colored hair has taken over Hollywood, from Kim Kardashian West’s highlighter-yellow wig to SZA’s lime-green locks. Celebrities everywhere are trading in their natural (or natural-looking) hair colors for bright and vibrant hues. And though not all of these celebrities have actually dyed their hair (thanks to the magic of wigs), they’re all inspirationworthy for those who have wanted to dye their hair neon for years but have been too chicken to do it.

To inspire your next hair color, we’ve looked back at the most incredible celebrity neon-colored hair changes, from Bella Thorne to Nicki Minaj, that we’ve seen in the past year. Whether you’re seriously contemplating dyeing your hair neon or simply want some hair eye candy to look at, these celebrity hair colors will definitely satisfy your neon-loving cravings.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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