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15 Stylish, Top-Rated Makeup Brush Sets Under $30

Makeup brushes are essential for the beauty toolbox, and if you’re searching for the right brushes to take your beauty routine beyond the basic, you don’t have to go broke in pursuit of the best bristles for you. Of course, you’ll see gorgeous, sleek sets in stores and online that sell for hundreds of dollars, but crazy-expensive doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get amazing quality.

Here, you’ll experience just-as-impressive results with our list of fiscally friendly and fabulous brushes that sweep, sculpt and set just as well as their high-priced counterparts. While you’re perusing our selections, remember that fall is officially here, and that means the holidays are not far behind; gift-giving season will be upon us before we’ve even started on our pumpkin spice everythings. So treat yourself to any one of these collections, and since you’ll have change to spare, make someone on your nice list very merry this year.

This post originally appeared on StyleCaster.

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