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Why Ashtrays Are Our Favorite Home Decor Item Right Now & 12 of Our Favorites

They used to be everywhere. On airplanes, the armrest of your car, tiny disposable ones on café tables, ornate pieces lovingly displayed on the coffee table. We’re talking ashtrays. But as smoking habits have dwindled and smoking indoors has become a faux pas, these decorative, functional pieces have disappeared from view. We think this is a mistake.

Ashtrays don’t just have to be used as, well, ashtrays. They’re functional, decorative dishes that can be used for everything from resting a bundle of herbs you’re using for a cleansing ritual to holding rings next to the sink while you do dishes or your keys next to the door.

You can find all sorts of ashtrays out there, from vintage styles to more modern iterations that function as trinket trays. If your side table or coffee table seems to be missing something and you can’t quite put your finger on it, consider adding one of these beautiful ashtrays.

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