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15 Standout Celebrity Beauty Tips That Aren’t Boring & Basic

We’re always game for advice that’ll elevate our hair, skin and makeup routines, but a fair share of it does tend to fall on the basic end of the spectrum. Example: “Drink more water for clearer skin” or “Slather coconut oil on any and everything.” And who could forget the old faithful, “Always take off your makeup before bed”?

Though we agree that reminders never hurt, we’re at a point in our beauty education when we crave hacks that require a little more effort and actually force us to do a double take. For instance, we’re still trying to master the way Rihanna blends her eye shadow and blush and make our perfume last like Jessica Chastain. After you’ve guzzled a bottle of water and taken off your face, check out these celeb beauty hacks that aren’t boring and basic.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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