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Ikea’s New Fall Lines Are Here — & They Are Stunning

Ikea, everyone’s favorite Swedish home decor store, is launching two new lines (yes, two!), and they couldn’t be more different: the Lustigt collection is an ode to childhood, and the Självständig collection is perfect for millennials.

According to a press release, the Lustigt line will offer play-related products that include everything from quiet, mind-focused games designed to “develop children’s logical thinking and fine motor skills” to “more high-energy activities that get bodies of all ages moving.” 

All Lustigt products will be $20 (or less) and offer a mix of practicality and whimsy.

The Självständig collection, inspired by the current upcycling trend and DIY movement, is perfect for the independent thinker, as all products in this line “have been designed with the intention of users making them their own.”

“We have a lot of research in IKEA showing that people want the option to personalize items,” Maria O’Brian, Ikea’s creative leader, stated in the press release. “Upon altering our belongings to suit our style preferences, we’re actually building a closer relationship with those items.”  

As such, the Självständig collection includes several extremely customizable pieces, including pillows and cushions that can be used on a sofa, the floor or on a bed; geometric rugs; and furniture that has been designed for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Both collections are limited and will launch in October 2018.

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