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Bar Carts Are Out & Bar Closets Are in — Here’s How to Get the Look

While traditional wet bars are classy as all get out, not all of us have the space for one. That’s why bar carts have experienced such a surge in popularity in recent years. They’re easy to customize and are a lot more affordable than installing counters and cabinetry.

Even so, not everyone has the floor space for a bar cart. That’s where the minibar closet comes in. It’s surprisingly easy to convert an unused closet into a stylish minibar. You can keep the bottom half as is, installing shelves on top for bottles and glasses, or go all-in and transform the space into a full bar with wine fridge, mirrors and mood lighting.

It’s also convenient to have the space tucked away. Bar carts are easy to bump into, but a bar closet keeps your precious stemware and collection of liqueurs from being damaged when people get a little too into dancing at your next cocktail party.

Read on for inspiration on how you can transform your boring old closet into a one-of-a-kind bar.

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