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20 Under-$20 Deep Conditioners for Hair TLC on a Budget

A deep conditioner is to the hair what a mask is to the face. It looks like a luxury or add-on, but it’s actually sometimes necessary. We put our strands through a lot. Some of it is intentional, like a dye job or relaxer. And sometimes, it’s simply a by-product of our environment, such as air pollution and secondhand smoke. But regardless of the source, subjecting our hair to the extra stress means that it deserves a little extra love too.

There are myriad factors to consider when deciding what treatment, deep conditioner or mask will work for your specific pattern or lifestyle, but for most of us, it comes down to price. And thank the beauty gawds there are options that check all the boxes. Ahead, under-$20 deep conditioners with good word of mouth and an even better price tag.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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