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A Fall Makeup Guide for Every Zodiac Sign

If you swear by a weekly or even daily horoscope, then you’re already familiar with the traits of your sun, moon and even rising sign. And while monthly readings are the most common type of predictor according to the cosmos, it’s rare to get the type of advice that encourages you to switch up your beauty routine. For Ani Ferlise, astrology expert and founder of the new brand Kozmic Ryder, makeup actually provides the perfect opportunity to channel the biggest and boldest traits of your sign.

“Each morning, I wake up with a list of things to take on that day. After making my coffee and brushing my teeth, I began applying my makeup,” she says. “This is my divine opportunity to use color and makeup tricks to act as my war paint to take the day by storm. Depending on my tasks and what’s going on in the cosmos, I use makeup to help embody the signs.”

Need to get organized? Why not embody Virgo vibes? Need a little adventure? Ferlise says Sagittarius energy is here to help you rock your endeavors. Ahead, an expert-approved guide for the tips and tricks you need to celebrate your sun sign this upcoming fall season and beyond.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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