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The Best Nursery & Kid’s Room Decor From Ikea

One of the many perks of having kids is pulling together an adorable space for them. Who doesn’t love picking out paint colors, deciding on a theme (or non-theme) and taking your time picking out the perfect pieces to fill the room? The process can also be very sentimental — you’re creating a space outside yourself in which your child can find comfort and flourish. 

Whether you’re just starting on that journey and need to create a knockout nursery or your child needs something a bit more grown up, it’s always nice when you can check most of the items off your list at one store. And when that store is Ikea, well, even better. 

While you may have frequented the store in the past to pick up a clean-line couch or colorful shower curtain for yourself, there’s a whole new world of the store to explore once you become a parent. 

Here are some of our top picks for nursery and kids room decor from the Swedish purveyor of home goods. Bonus: Make a day of shopping, and you can dine on some tasty signature meatballs for lunch.

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