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Clever Ways Celebrities Have Made Their Clothes Multifunctional

When it comes to clothes, each piece is tailored to a specific body part: pants for legs, shoes for feet, shirts for your torso and so on. But what if they don’t have to be that way? Well, according to celebrities such as Rihanna and Emily Ratajkowski, clothes can be multifunctional and live beyond the cut-and-dried section where they were found in the department store.

To inspire you to multipurpose your wardrobe, we’ve rounded up ways that celebrities have mastered the art of multifunctional clothes. From Rihanna turning a skirt into a vest to Ratajkowski wearing a bikini as a shirt, these stars are seriously creative, and even if multifunctional fashion isn’t your thing, you’re sure to be impressed.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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