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The Best Plant-Inspired Decor for the Black-Thumbed (Yet Stylish) Among Us

Are you a nature person but not a nature person? Do you like the concept of gardening but keep a running death toll of basil plants that just couldn’t make it work on your kitchen windowsill? Have you managed to actually kill a succulent — one of the plants that’s pretty much guaranteed to grow itself unless you really mess something up? (Suffice it to say, I feel you.)

Everyone likes having plants around; they’re peaceful and pretty, and they offer you the chance to connect with the great outdoors without forcing you to actually come into contact with any mosquitos, ticks or other pests. But not everyone can be expected to remember which plant deserves which amount of water — let alone know if their apartment gets “North-facing light” (a thing I still maintain is fake).

So, what are you to do if you’ve got green in your heart but not in your thumbs?

Thankfully, many of your favorite retailers have answered your (and my) plant-centric prayers. I’m happy to report that since we’re in a period of full-blown plant and cactus zeitgeist, there are a bunch of places selling actual living plants and a bunch of others selling plant-inspired decor. I’m talking delightful stuff that won’t leave you wondering if you’re overwatering or under-watering, because honestly, has anyone ever truly known?

Stores like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters are offering plant decor for every room of your house — from shower curtains and lights to diffusers and rugs. There are even floral-scented candles that will make your houseguests wonder where you’re hiding the flowers you’re so clearly doing a great job of keeping alive. (Don’t worry; our lips are sealed.)

Ahead are some of the very best in items to get you that planty vibe we all crave without forcing you and your black thumb to leave an endless path of guilt and destruction in your wake. Live plants around the world will be able to photosynthesize in peace today, knowing that you’re channeling your plant love into a cuddly bookend from Anthropologie that requires no water, nutrients or sunlight. (Just a quick swipe of your credit card, and that baby’s good to go.)

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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