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15 Styling Products That’ll Shield Your Hair From the Summer Heat

We’re knee-deep in that time of year when it seems standing outside for mere seconds can result in our hair looking as if we’ve been electrocuted. A blowout spoiled by sweaty edges, coily curls stretched into fuzzy, ill-defined strands and slicked-back ponytails laden with thick flyaways — we’ve all been there. And while it would be wonderful to have a stylist at our beck and call in the middle of sweltering hot days, we all know that’s a faint dream for most of us.

So instead, we’re tasked with finding style products that will aptly provide a barrier between our hair and the moisture in the air. Even if frizz isn’t something that bothers you, celebrity hairstylist Jessica Hoffman says that products typically labeled “anti-frizz” are a great way to add shine and flexible hold to your strands. However, those with naturally curly hair benefit especially well from a volumizing foam, as the formula is less likely to disrupt your curl pattern. But above all, combating humidity really starts in the shower with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner.

“Here is a wonder product that fits the bill perfectly: NuMe’s White Truffle Shampoo (white truffle is known as one of the most hydrating ingredients on Earth, by the way!), which will saturate your strands with nourishing, moisturizing orchid and jasmine extracts and evening primrose oil,” she says. “Start with this to ensure that your hair is protected and prepped to battle humidity.”

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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