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15 Products That Give Protective Styles Lasting Power

Anyone who’s worn twists, braids, a sewn-in weave or any other protective style knows that incessant tapping on the head in an attempt to scratch the itching is inevitable after a few weeks or even days. It usually starts once your ’do has loosened up and your scalp realizes it’s being tugged at more than usual and in need of extra nourishment.

We already know that a protective style shouldn’t disrupt your normal cleansing schedule or other healthy hair habits you swear by, such as sleeping with a satin scarf or regular scalp massages. But when you’re tucking your natural hair under a temporary look, additional reinforcements such as anti-itch sprays and oils are definitely required. And since summer is a peak season for going the protective route, we’ve got the best options all in one spot. Ahead, shop 15 top-rated products that’ll pair perfectly with your protective style and give it lasting power.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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