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The Best Lightweight Oils for Getting the Summer Moisture You Need

Admittedly, a lot of us don’t break out the sunscreen until summer, and when we do, the No. 1 obstacle we face is warding off the greasy residue that comes with layering it on top of a daily moisturizer. And if you’re someone who swears by natural oils, then you’ve definitely left a slimy handprint on a doorknob or two. Oils often get a bad rap for being heavy, pore-clogging and just messy to deal with, but for every thick and slow-absorbing option, there’s a lighter one that’s perfectly suitable for 100-degree days.

“Lightweight oils are perfect for oily skin types or for lighter coverage in the summer months when the moisture in the air is more dense,” says Monastery founder Athena Hewett. There is a slew of variations that fall under this category, two of which are squalane and walnut oil. The former, which we’ve talked about before, is essentially a plant- or science-derived version of squalene, a naturally occurring part of the skin’s barrier that decreases over time. One place that both ingredients can be found is in Hewett’s Lapiz Firming Matte Body Oil.

“The two key ingredients, squalane and walnut oil, are made of very small lipid molecules. The smaller the molecule, the lighter the oil feels. Invigorating essential oils of grapefruit and ginger grass waken the cells to help produce a glow and tightness to the skin,” she says.

Another lightweight choice, according to Emily Cunningham, cofounder of True Moringa, is — you guessed it — moringa, a derivative of the moringa tree that’s also ultra-sustainable to produce.

Moringa oil boasts a high concentration of oleic acid, which helps nutrients penetrate deep into the skin, repairing skin damage and scarring and restoring hydration, plumping and nourishing dry, dull and flaky skin,” she says. “Moringa is also rich in behenic acid, which helps improve the skin’s natural barrier. It’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, aiding in the fight against breakouts and blackheads.”

According to Rachel Winard, founder of the small-batch natural brand Soapwalla, argan and jojoba oils are also summer-friendly options, although the latter is definitely her favorite to work with. “Because of its chemical makeup, jojoba soaks effortlessly into the skin, won’t irritate even the most sensitized skin, blends with other oils well and is highly moisturizing,” she says.

Ahead are 15 top-rated products made with all of these expert-approved oils. Take your pick!

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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