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These Exposed Bobby Pin Hairstyles Are Worth the Extra Work

Some beauty rules — if you follow them at all — were made to be broken, including the one that says bobby pins are supposed to be hidden away. For as long as we can remember, they’ve been touted as tools instead of stylish accessories, but now more than ever, that couldn’t be more false. As their design evolves from plain and solid-colored to more standout variations (blinged out, multicolored, etc.), so have the way in which we use them.

Whether we stack them on the side of an updo or wear them crisscrossed over braids, exposed bobby pin patterns are by far one of the coolest ways to spruce up an otherwise basic hairstyle. We’re constantly screenshotting inspo on our Instagram feed, but unsurprisingly, the red carpet and runway are also delivering noteworthy looks. Ahead are some that we think are definitely worth that extra five minutes in the morning, but before you start, here are three quick tips to keep in mind:

  • Insert them the right way. Since the grooved side is meant to hold the pin in place, make sure that side isn’t facing up when you slide it in.
  • Stick with dry hair. Although you’re likely to be left with hair indents whether it’s wet or not, wet hair makes it more difficult for the bobby pin to stay put. In either case, coating the pin in hair spray is another great way to secure placement.
  • Know when to replace. Unless you’re using a decorative bobby pin that strays from the traditional shape, you’ll know it’s time to replace your bobby pins when the little ball at the end falls off. Without it, your strands are more vulnerable to pulling and, ultimately, breakage.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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