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9 Pairs of Cute Work-Appropriate Shoes That Aren’t Heels

Whether you’re completing your first summer internship or heading to the office where you’ve worked for years, your wardrobe isn’t complete without a solid pair of office-appropriate shoes. (Or two. Or 10.)

But for too long, we’ve treated “office-appropriate shoes” and “high heels” like they’re the same damn thing. In our quest to stock up on professional footwear, we’ve sought out booties with chunky heels or pointed-toe stilettos — neglecting the myriad pairs of flats that would (just as stylishly) get the job done.

No longer. No more blisters or achy knees. No more heels sinking into the grass or getting stuck in sidewalk grates. No more commuting in one pair of shoes and carrying another to change into at work. This summer, we’re sticking with comfortable work shoes — flats that offer the sleek, professional look of a stylish pair of heels with none of the discomfort.

Here, nine pairs of comfortable work shoes that will keep you looking so stylish and professional your coworkers won’t be able to resist texting you on your lunch break just to find out where to buy them. And don’t worry; you don’t have to tell them it was our idea — we’ll keep your secret, and you can thank us later.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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