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10 Easy Ways to Enjoy Your Home & Yard All Summer Long

Confession: I had a yard for years, but I never hung out outside. Who wants to sit on a cement slab in the hot Arizona sun? Not me. But what I didn’t realize was that putting a little TLC into your yard can make a world of difference. For example, having a nice place to sit (rather than the dining room chairs we would occasionally drag out) means you’ll actually want to sit out there. Making shade where there isn’t any makes even hot temperatures totally tolerable. And planting a garden means you’ll need to make yourself go outside, even if it’s just to water your herbs.

If you’ve been sitting on what could be a gorgeous yard and not made any progress, now’s the time to change that. It’s easier than you think to transform a backyard into a place you’d be happy to spend every last day of summer. Here are our best tips to make it happen.

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