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8 Sizzling Celebrity Swimsuit Lines to Shop This Summer

When it comes to swimsuits, Emily Ratajkowski, Ashley Graham and Kendall Jenner know their stuff. And who better to dress you this summer than celebrities who pretty much make a living by making bikinis look cool year-round? It’s no wonder these women — along with other celebrity swimsuit veterans, such as Heidi Klum — have released sizzling swimsuit lines of their own. After spending so much time frolicking on the beach for work and for fun, they might as well make a profit out of it and design their own line.

Ahead, we’ve got the hottest celebrity swimsuit lines to shop this summer. From beach-ready bikinis to modern one-pieces, these are the celebrity-approved swimsuits that you will want to stock your closets with and wear even after summer is long gone. Grab your credit card and start shopping ahead. The pool awaits.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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