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13 Celebrity Outfits You Can Actually Afford to Shop

We’ve all been there: You’re digging through your closet at the very last second before leaving for work/brunch/a night out. Your friends are bombing your phone with texts and your S.O. is yelling at you that you’re going to be late — but you simply cannot find a perfect outfit for the occasion. By the time you finally head out, you’re already scrolling through a newsfeed full of perfectly accessorized celebs with enviable wardrobes wondering why you can’t just look like that.

Except you can.

It’s easy to say you can’t dress like a celebrity; often, they appear on red carpets decked out in designer threads, lavish crystals and shoes you’d be too scared to even wear outside the house. But every once in awhile, an A-lister will slip on an item you can actually afford — you just don’t notice because it comes between a Versace gown and Cartier-clad wrists.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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