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20 Female Celebrities Who Have Slayed With Both Blond & Brunette Hair

Blond or brunette? For many of us who have rocked both hair colors in our lifetimes, that is the question. Lighter or darker? What suits your skin tone more? What suits your personality more? There are so many questions that go into dyeing your hair, which is why we often look to the internet for #hairspo. Even celebrities are indecisive about their hair colors, which is why we see many dye their hair blond, brunette or somewhere in between in a matter of months. (We’re looking at you, Selena Gomez.)

From Kristen Stewart to Mandy Moore, there are dozens of celebrities who have rocked both blond and brunette hair. To show you how a simple hair color switch-up can change your appearance, we’re looking at how drastically different these stars look as blondes vs. brunettes. The word is still out on which hair color has more fun, but judging from the confident looks of these ladies, we’re going to assume they’re having the times of their lives no matter their shade.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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