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Famous Beauties With Unforgettable Signature Looks

Some of us can’t get through the day, let alone a year, without switching up our hair and makeup routine. But for others, certain styles or products are just too good to let go. Celebrities are often a source of inspiration for our outward appearance, a reality that carries both positive and negative side effects.

And although we live for a bold transformation like Kate Hudson’s big chop or Solange’s platinum dye job, we’re just as inspired by the famous beauties who stand (or stood) firm in their signature styles or simply embrace their most famous features, despite the trend cycle that never seems to end. Ahead, we celebrate some of our favorites, both past and present. We have a feeling you’ll recognize plenty, if not all, of them, from Marilyn Monroe’s blond bob to Adele’s cat-eye to Jennifer Lopez’s derriere.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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