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9 No-Nonsense Beauty Products Celebs Always Have While Traveling

If you think you travel a lot, chances are celebrities travel even more. No matter what they do — model, act or run a business — they are constantly driving or hopping planes for interviews, filming or meetings. Plus, who can forget the amount of time they travel for leisure — the Kardashians’ trip to Bora Bora will forever be ingrained in our hearts due to Kim Kardashian West’s hilarious earring meltdown. And that’s just one example of many, many vacations celebs take.

With all that traveling, they have to take beauty products they know work and work well. They have no shortage of products at home, and if not, they have a glam team who does. But when it comes to packing a bag, they take only what they absolutely need and love. So, scroll through to find out what stars can’t go without and see if you’ll be making some product changes next time you go to pack.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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