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10 Lightweight Moisturizers for Every Skin Concern

We live for a juicy, ultra-nourishing night cream, but when we’re outside going about our days, the ideal moisturizer goes light on the heavy ingredients. With the impending summer weather, the need for a lightweight formula is pretty much nonnegotiable. And as we all know, once the weather changes, so do our skin’s needs. We’re no longer looking for something that’ll shield our skin from harsh winds, cold and snow.

Instead, we’re switching to a formula that minimizes the clogging of pores but still provides an ample amount of moisture. And whether you’ve got dry skin, redness or hyperpigmentation, sun protection is a top-line must and the reason most of our favorites contain SPF. If you’re overwhelmed by the challenge of having to choose just one among a never-ending list of options, ahead are 10 top-rated lightweight moisturizers that tackle the most common skin concerns.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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