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10 Makeup Boosters That’ll Give Your Complexion a Dewy Glow

While liquid foundation is the ideal choice for getting that dewy glow we fiend for this time of year, trial and error has taught us that it rarely gets the job done alone. Sometimes you’ve got to apply it with a damp beautyblender or mix it with your moisturizer, even when the sun is beaming down, and it feels like you’ve got just enough sweat to look luminous instead of greasy. And if your skin leans more oily than matte, chances are you’ve given up achieving glowy greatness altogether.

We’re right there with you, because even after getting tips from makeup artists, we’re still like, “OK, I’m going to need a shortcut.” Enter liquid boosters, which are essentially to your makeup what an Instagram or Snapchat filter is to your unedited selfie. Whether they’re classified as a bronzer, highlighter or other illuminator, these boosters cut your routine in half and will have others thinking you finally got that full night’s sleep. See 10 of the most popular ones ahead.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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