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12 Cleaning Products That Have a Cult Following

When we were dreaming about the best parts of adulthood as a kid, most of us weren’t dreaming about spending hours cleaning. Buying all the candy in the world, being able to go wherever we wanted, receiving letters addressed to us? Yes. Having to figure out what the best cleaning product is to scrub the scum out of our toilets? Not so much.

But there are people out there who really love cleaning — or, at least, really like to figure out how to clean as efficiently as possible. That’s lucky for us because they regularly evangelize their favorite products, so we don’t have to test every last one of them ourselves as we sweat over the grease that’s caked on our stovetops.

We set out to find the products that people can’t stop talking about, the kinds of products that make you think you might actually want to spend your Sunday making your house sparkle. We can’t promise cleaning will become your new favorite hobby, but we can say these products might make it suck a little less.

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