17 Cooling Beauty Products for Beating the Summer Heat

Ideally, we’d love to have a beach or pool on hand whenever it’s unbearably hot, but city living makes that a little challenging. Now that Mother Nature is finally catching up with our dreams of summer heat, we’re wishing we had better prepared for those inevitable “I’m not wearing a lot, but my skin is still on fire” moments.

Sure, we could stay hydrated with water and rock a hat when the sun is beaming down, but we anticipate needing a little more help, even if it’s something small, throughout those insufferably hot days. And if that little something is a cooling eye mask or body mist, as far as we’re concerned, that’s another form of self-care. And we never skimp on that.

So, whether you’re prepping your summer arsenal or simply need an excuse to shop, ahead are 17 of our favorite hair, skin and makeup finds, all made for keeping it cool.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.