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The Best Lip Oils for Finally Curing Chapped Lips

No one has ever liked chapped lips. This might be a generalization, but for the most part, no one opts for dry, cracking, uncomfortable lips when they could have soft, plush lips instead, which is why lip balm has become a staple for just about everyone.

But what if there were something that worked even better? A lot of balms carry ingredients (such as petroleum) that instead of penetrating deep to moisturize only coat your lips. This means you have to constantly reapply, and there’s no real moisturizing going on.

A lip oil, on the other hand, goes deep. The thought of applying oil to lips may seem a little funky, but we all thought that way about putting oil on our faces, and look how well that turned out. An oil isn’t sticky or texturized like a gloss or balm, but rather glides on. Plus, once the shine fades (because the oil has seeped in to nourish), the leftover tint in some formulas stays put for hours.

Most important, oils are generally all-natural, with ingredients such as avocado oil and honey. This means they provide incredible amounts of natural nourishing, plumping and sometimes even antiaging benefits. Check out some of our favorite oils, from those that are tinted to one with a 24-karat gold applicator.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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