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The Beauty Products Our Editors Are Loving This Spring

Unless you live in California or Arizona, spring weather is pretty dang unpredictable, and finding the right beauty routine for this unpredictable season can be tricky. Winter skin care is pretty easy because it’s all about making sure you double up on moisture to combat the cold season’s extreme dryness. Summer skin care is even easier as long as you remember to slather on the SPF every morning. But your springtime beauty routine requires a bit more effort and some really good multitasking beauty products that will work whether it’s snowing and 25 degrees or hot and humid.

As editors, we get to test out a lot of beauty products, and we have found what works and what doesn’t work. So, get ready to overhaul your beauty bag and stock up on spring beauty essentials. Here are some of the products we rely on to get us through this weird time of year.

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