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The Best Facial Serums for Every Skin Concern

Skin care experts are constantly persuading us to add another step or product to our routine, and sometimes we gotta wonder if the additional formula actually makes a difference. Well, serums are one of those additions that are actually editor-approved and even dermatologist-recommended to adopt as a staple step in your daily regimen.

What is a serum, you ask? Serums are typically lighter weight than a moisturizer and can quickly deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients into the skin. “Serums are mostly water-based lightweight moisturizers with potent active ingredients that are small in size and can penetrate deep into the skin,” says NYC dermatologist and owner of Sadick Dermatology, Dr. Neil Sadick.

“If you find that despite your daily routine, your skin still needs some nourishment, it’s time to consider adding a serum to your regimen.” Ahead, we’ve gathered 20 top-selling serums at every price point that will tackle the most common skin concerns with just a few drops.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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