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10 Sensitive Eye-Friendly Mascaras That Won’t Cause Irritation

Those with sensitive eyes, whether due to contacts, allergies or chronically dry eyes, know the smallest fleck of makeup fallout can lead to major irritation. Sure, there are tons of mascara formulas that advertise added fibers, thicker formulas and even wilder colors, but these probably aren’t the picks for someone who truly needs something that won’t leave their eyes watery and puffy.

“If you have sensitive eyes, look for mascaras that have fewer ingredients and are fragrance-free,” says celebrity makeup artist and author of Lazy Perfection: The Art of Looking Good Without Really Trying, Jenny Patinkin. “Fancy colors, fibers and oversized applications are things that cause friction against the skin and can be very irritating.” If you’re in doubt and not sure if your formula fits the bill, start by looking for formulas with clean and natural ingredients.

Whether you’re part of the sensitive set or just want to adopt a cleaner beauty routine, we’ve rounded up 10 mascara picks that won’t irritate your peepers ahead.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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