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Here’s How 5 Editors Organize Their Closets

Every spring, I do something my friends have affectionately named “The Annual Purge.” I pick a weekend, usually in late March or early April, and I go through every single item I own and throw out or donate what I don’t need or haven’t used in a while. It takes a full two days and my apartment looks like a war zone until it’s finished, but it’s my favorite way to start the new season. As soon as it’s done, I feel less stressed and make a promise (that I never keep) to not allow myself to acquire so much useless junk ever again. 

This year, my annual purge has a specific focus on closets. Back in August, I moved into an apartment with a whopping five closets. By October, I had filled every inch of all five closets with something — camping gear, photography equipment, telescopes, extra clothes, bedspreads and comforters, painting supplies — all that extra space and storage is gone. I am going to go through every closet, toss out stuff I am not using and organize them in a way that’s more functional. 

Getting ready for my closet purge got me thinking about how other people organize their closets. So I asked my fellow editors to snap a pic of their closets and share how they organize their storage space. 

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