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10 Women Talk Skin Issues That Just Won’t Quit

My relationship with my skin is complicated. One minute, we’re snuggling on the couch, and the next, we’re in a full-blown fight. It’s waging war on my T-zone, adding blemishes with abandon or throwing a tantrum because of a new serum. Yet, no matter what, I have to take care of it. We’re in this together. After all, as the largest organ in the human body, my skin sort of protects every other body part I have. 

But it’s not easy to love. It’s dry. It’s oily. It’s bright. It’s dull. It’s clear. It’s red. It’s awake. It’s aboard the 10 a.m. train to Dark, Puffy Circleville. Like I said, it’s complicated. Luckily, there’s a lovely support group out there that goes by the name of All Other Women, and its members are willing to vent about what their skin tries to pull and how they deal. 

This post was sponsored by Dove DermaSeries.

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