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How to Upgrade Your Bathroom Without Spending a Fortune

Whether you live in a rental, a fixer-upper or your dream space, chances are there’s a room or two in your home that can use a decorative upgrade. While areas such as the bedroom or living room are relatively easy to change up — a fresh coat of paint or swapping in new textiles can go a long way — there are a few other rooms that require just a bit more effort. In that vein, we find ourselves privy to neglect, allowing years to idle by without so much as making even the most basic improvements.

Today, we’re looking to the bathroom, which more often than not falls short of any sort of decorative change — unless we’re talking about swapping out items such as shower curtains or bath mats, which don’t really count. For that reason alone, we compiled a list of easy ways you can upgrade a bathroom without spending a fortune. Here’s how.

Originally published on Domino

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