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10 Royal Beauty & Fashion Traditions Meghan Markle Has Already Broken

It should be known by now that the British royal family has a lot of rules, from banning selfies in Kensington Palace to forbidding royal women from taking off their coats in public, so Meghan Markle had better start studying. Plus, judging from how many royal family traditions she’s already broken with (who knew a messy bun would be such a big deal?), she has a lot to learn before she ties the knot with Prince Harry in May.

Ahead, we’re keeping track of every royal beauty and fashion offense the actor has already committed. Though she’s broken dozens of other royal rules (ahem, signing an autograph), we’re keeping a close eye on the rebellious moves she’s making in the fashion and beauty departments.

Perhaps her missteps are purposeful and Markle is creating a lane for herself outside her family-to-be’s old-fashioned traditions. Perhaps she just doesn’t know the rules yet. Either way, it’s still amusing to look at every small royal mishap Markle has had on her way to becoming a duchess.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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