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The Expert-Approved Way to Accentuate Your Eye Color With Makeup

If our eyes are the windows to our souls, then what are the curtains — or beauty products — that will make them extra enticing? There are never enough ways to wear shadow or liner, but it seems we’re short on advice regarding how we can enhance what’s already there and make our peepers really pop. According to Justine Purdue, celebrity makeup artist for Streeters, it all depends on whether you want the makeup to match or play opposite your eye color.

“Consider whether you want to contrast or complement your own eye color when looking for eye makeup — remembering the color wheel,” she says. “The iris can also have hue variations, allowing for added accents in the makeup.”

If you have dark brown eyes, Purdue says to contrast with plum tones, deep greens or navy. Complement with rich browns that reflect gold, copper or bronze.

When those with hazel eyes want to contrast their color, they should opt for purple, burgundy and blue tones.  Olive greens, warm browns and gold are the best complementary ones.

Baby blue eyes contrast well with plum, burgundy and brown tones, while blue and yellow hues work best when you want to complement.

Lastly, Purdue also recommends purples, burgundies and browns for contrasting against green eyes; and greens, golds and coppers when you want to match your eye color with your makeup.

Now that you know what colors to try, consider experimenting with some of our favorite eye makeup finds ahead.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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