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Your Dream Kitchen According to Your Zodiac Sign

We put a lot of stock in astrology. It can help us find love, a new job, a new friendship or even a new travel destination. What we hadn’t done before was use our zodiac signs to understand what we want our kitchens to look like.

But it sounds genius, right? We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, and just like the rest of our house, we want it to feel “like us.” We spoke with Brigitte Ballard, a design trend expert at N-Hance Wood Refinishing, to get her take on the perfect kitchen for each of the zodiac’s personality traits.

Whether you believe your horoscope is 100 percent accurate or just think it’s a bit of fun, we think these kitchens will inspire you to put more of your personality into your kitchen. Here’s what your zodiac sign says about your kitchen decor style.

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