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Here’s What You Should Know About Water-Based Skin Care

We all know proper water intake is significant for optimal health, but did you know it can significantly boost the effectiveness of your beauty routine too? Whether you are dry, combo or oily skin type, experts consistently plead with patients to hydrate properly. Thankfully, the major onslaught of water-based products is making it that much easier to say au revoir to dry, flaky skin. We talked with board-certified NYC dermatologist Dr. Melissa Levin to break down the new trend and tell us what it means, how it works and which products truly deliver.

What does it mean?

“Water-based products simply mean that the formula uses water as a medium to deliver ingredients,” says Levin. “These products contain little oil, but are rich in hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin.” Since water is the ultimate hydrator, this means you’ll get the benefits from active ingredients and a bonus punch of moisture. If you struggle with oily skin, Levin suggests water-based formulations are ideal due to the lack of synthetic oils, which can clog pores.

How does it work?

Levin clarifies that a product with a water-based formula does not mean the product penetrates deeper into the layers of our skin. “Penetration to the skin relies on a number of different factors,” Levin says. “Water-based formulas use modern polymers to give a jelly-like consistency, which allows the product to hold much more water than typically found in creams or lotions.” In other words, the high percentage of water in the product is used as a vessel to better distribute other active ingredients.

How do I find it?

One easy way to spot a water-based product is the texture. These types of products tend to be lightweight, bouncy and gel-like. When you rub the formula into your skin, it will appear to dissolve into water within seconds. Another tip for spotting a water-based product is a large concentration of mega-moisturizer hyaluronic acid. “Gel moisturizers are typically chock-full of hyaluronic acid, which is one of the most powerful and effective humectants that holds 1,000 times its weight in water,” shares Levin.

If you’re ready to pack on the moisture, especially during these cold winter months, water-based products are available at all price points and in various formulas. Ahead are 13 you’re sure to love.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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