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What the Colors You Wear Say About You

Have you ever looked closely at your closet and realized that you favor one color over others? Most people probably assume that all New Yorkers’ closets are bursting with black (you might be right), but beyond the all-black New York wardrobe, you have your neutral-palette wearers, your primary-color gals and your jewel-tone lovers. Personally, I love me a good shade of green or blue and an occasional power red.

So, do the colors we gravitate toward really mean anything? Actually, yes! We dug around and found out what each color in your closet represents and how each can play a part in your wardrobe — and life. Wonder what color will increase your productivity, help you ace your next big meeting or exude happiness and warmth on even the gloomiest of days?

Keep scrolling to find out what each color you wear really means.


Originally posted on  StyleCaster.

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