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The Drugstore Beauty Products Celebrities Genuinely Love

No one’s too good for the drugstore — including celebrities who have access to some of the most expensive beauty products on the planet. Let’s be honest; we’re not above making a pit stop for lip balm or makeup remover in a pinch. But beyond those last-minute beauty emergencies, places like CVS and Walgreens are also starting to house the same upscale options you’ll find in fancier department stores, like K-beauty staple brands Elisha Coy and Peach Slices.

And at the end of the day, most of these products, regardless of their price tag, simply get the job done. It’s no wonder more and more A-listers are forgoing fancy labels for single-digit bargains on and off the red carpet. Ahead are 26 finds that have been name-dropped by famous beauties who have no shame in their drugstore game.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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