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12 Gorgeous DIYs to Make Your Home a Little Brighter This Winter

Why is it that winter seems to last forever? Maybe it’s because it’s the only season that happens twice in a year (even if it is the same stretch of time) or maybe it’s that we’re not creatures meant for the cold.

Either way, we find that winter requires some pick-me-ups in order to be tolerated. One of our favorite ways to do that? Home decor DIYs. It’s so nice to change your space when you’re feeling stuck inside, and DIY’ing it adds that extra element of personalization that can make a room feel like you (not to mention keeping your hands and mind busy).

These DIYs are a blend of trying to celebrate winter with some cozy choices and ushering in warmer weather. From cozy blankets to plant hangers, there’s bound to be something here that will make the gray days feel a little lighter for you.

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