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20 Perfect Fashion Combos That Will Never Go Out of Style

In our closets, we all have a few dynamic duos we rely on in a pinch (or on an uninspired day). Whether it’s a pair of heels you always wear with a certain dress or pair of earrings that complement your favorite sweater perfectly, those perfect pairings can be total lifesavers. But what about the fashion and beauty combos that will never go out of style — colors, patterns and layering partners that go together like black and white?

Do you have a shade of red lipstick that adds extra oomph to your little red dress or a metallic eye shadow that’s out of this world when paired with a little sequined number? We feel you, and we agree. It’s time to add a few new duos to your wardrobe and beauty routine.

We love the idea of taking a monochromatic outfit to the next level by making your eye shadow and lipstick match (or clash!) in just the right way. Or going back to the classics of denim-on-denim (because Canadian tuxes will always be on point) or mixing prints with panache.

Ahead, check out 20 of our favorite perfect style pairs that you’ll never mind playing third wheel to.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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