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A Look Inside the UK’s Royal Homes

We’re a little obsessed with the British monarchy. First, there was the queen and Philip, then there was Diana, then Harry and William, then William and Catherine (or Kate Middleton, as she was known then), now Harry and Meghan Markle. Besides the fact that it’s hard not to love a good prince and princess story, the U.S.’s own political turmoil kinda makes us wish we had a moral leader who could set some things straight… maybe.

We’ve been indulging in Netflix’s The Crown like crazy, and the show has given us something rather spectacular: a glimpse of the interior of royal castles. Much of the £100 million budget went to designing radically accurate rooms and costumes.

While some areas of the royal residences are open to the public, there are many parts few people have ever seen. Here, we offer you an inside glimpse of the public royal residences.

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