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How Your Zodiac Sign Affects Your Personal Style

Love it or hate it, astrology is many people’s guilty pleasure. Even though your horoscopes might not be completely spot-on every day, learning about your sign and chart can give you more in-depth insight into your own and other people’s personalities and proclivities — even some perspective on your love life! Personally, I’m a Sagittarius to a tee. I’m optimistic, impulsive and energetic, and when it comes to fashion, I’m a total maximalist, always wearing bold colors and layers.

Personal style and clothing are individual and unique to everyone, but it can be interesting to see how your zodiac sign can play a part in what looks you gravitate toward. After doing a little research on each sign, we sorted out some of the current style trends that complement your zodiac sign.

A Taurus, who is naturally a homebody, would totally rock a matching silk pajama set from the office to host a dinner party at home later that night. The strong, perfectionist Virgo would kill the street style game in a well-tailored suit and statement heels, whereas Pisces, a true lover of the arts, should make every outfit a masterpiece with powerful colors and interesting shapes.

Knowing a little more about your sign, its characteristics and color preferences can make your wardrobe the perfect hype man for your already awesome personality. Let’s see what the zodiac has in store for your wardrobe this year.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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