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Under-$30 Beauty Finds That Won’t Empty Your Holiday Budget

Advent calendars are fun at every age. When you’re a kid, they usually store candy, and when you’re all grown up, those sweet treats are replaced with more practical (but equally fun) finds. The upside of beauty-themed advent calendars is that there’s plenty to choose from. The downside is that sometimes, you end up not liking the products or worse: wishing you didn’t exhaust your budget for it.

If you don’t want to place all of your bets on just one brand this year, our 30-day round-up includes a plethora of hair, skin and makeup finds, from limited-edition nail polish to puppy-packaged lip balm. Did we mention each day’s gift is less than $30?

There’s no pressure to love it all; take and leave what you want. But if you ask us, everything in this list is a must-have. Like your average advent calendar, you’ll have to wait each day to see another item revealed — so make sure to keep checking back every day for more deals.


Originally posted on StyleCaster. 

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