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8 Clever Face Mask Hacks We Learned From Celebrities

There’s little to hate about face masks. There are tons of them (sheets, clays, creams), they’re a lazy and easy way to hydrate your skin, and you can scare the shit out of your roommates by creeping up on them with a face mask on. (What’s not to like?) And though we’ll likely ride or die for face masks until the end of time, we have to admit: the run-of-the-mill stuff does get pretty old.

This is likely why celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Shay Mitchell concocted genius hacks to elevate your face mask experience that much higher. Whether you’re looking for ways to soak up every drop of serum (get your money’s worth, girl) or you want to know what to do after you peel off a face mask, Hollywood has you covered. Ahead, take a look at eight celebrity-approved face mask hacks that’ll be sure to change the way you think of the skin care staple forever.


Originally posted on StyleCaster

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