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17 Celebrities Who Successfully Styled Their Blazers as Dresses

Celebrities going pantsless is nothing new. Since the birth of Hollywood, famous people have been finding ways to step out sans pants and look chic doing it. Whether it’s with an oversize hoodie or a knee-length button-up, celebrities from Hailey Baldwin to Kourtney Kardashian are finding unique ways to forgo pants in the morning and walk out the front door without bottoms.

Now, the trend has evolved to inclulde the red carpet. Though there’s no dearth of ways to step out pantsless on a run to the convenience store or on a brunch date, going pants-free on the red carpet is a tad trickier. Yeah, you could go for the same ol’ mini dress if you want to show some leg, but sometimes, you just want something different. This train of thought is likely why more and more celebrities — from Sofia Richie to Bella Hadid — are ditching the pants of their two-piece suits and turning heads on the red carpet in just a blazer.

Needless to say, it’s a brilliant way to look chic and sophisticated while boasting that you went to an A-list event without pants. To inspire your own blazer-as-dress ensemble, we rounded up 17 celebrities who successfully pulled off the style. Check out their looks ahead.


Originally posted on StyleCaster

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