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The 10 Best Winter Lip Balms to Add to Your Stash

There are three very important (and practical) beauty lessons I learned at an early age. Never walk out the door without brushing your teeth. Keep a mini deodorant in your purse. And lastly: Don’t get caught out here with dry lips. Ashy elbows and knees can be easily hidden, but chapped lips can’t be disguised by a long-sleeve shirt or pair of jeans.

So I’ve trained myself to keep lip balms almost everywhere I go; at my work desk, in the gym locker, near the coffee table, on my nightstand… you get it. My lips are precious cargo that get VIP treatment 24-7, and because of my habit, I’ve morphed into both a lip balm hoarder and expert. Sure, I keep some way longer than I should, but now, I can save you the time of searching for one. Ahead, I’ve gathered what I consider the 10 best lip treatments out there, from a tinted newbie to a drugstore favorite.


Originally posted on StyleCaster

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