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9 Fast-Acting Face Masks You Can Rinse Off in 10 Minutes or Less

Indulgence comes in many forms, but sometimes, we need it in a time crunch. The world of masking is synonymous with this idea that we should slow down to experience whichever product we’re using. And although it seems great in theory, the reality is that life can get in the way.

There are myriad circumstances that delay our self-care rituals, so when push comes to shove, we need an alternative that won’t make us feel guilty about not slowing down. Face masks with a short waiting time are the easiest solve and a little slice of skin care heaven.

They’re chock-full of the ingredients our skin needs to thrive, easy to apply and even easier to rinse off. Ahead, we’ve gathered nine of the best-selling quick masks worthy of space on your vanity.


Originally posted on StyleCaster

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